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"My best work is spontaneous.  Sometimes a scrap of fabric in a pile will catch my eye and lead to a strip of pieced fabrics, or an entire garment".

Three years ago Patricia expanded her studio space to add a 1500 square foot personal design studio.  Filled with her favorite fabrics, scraps, yarns, paints, papers, and books, she goes there as often as possible to play, without the pressure of producing a finished product. "Any artist who has worked in a production setting knows that the daily responsibility of making pieces can lead to burn out.  As stimulating as I find the production work, I know I need to disappear from it frequently".

Inspiration comes when one is not trying to be inspired.  Honoring this gift  Patricia might light some incense, put on a favorite cd, and leaf through a book from her large collection of design books, or design a sweater that she will later knit out of one of her hand-dyed yarns.  She might be in the mood to listen to one of her favorite progressive political talk shows, while putting coordinated fabrics together for a future project.  Often Patricia will play with her watercolors, creating abstract sketches of color and line. There is no pressure here to make something.

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