WHOLESALE NEWS Like last year, I did not show in New York in February. Unlike last year, I will also not be showing in New York in May. Many reasons for this: I’m not looking for new accounts, I am looking for time and space to develop new ways of living creatively; going to New York, or any show, is expensive and time consuming for all of us; most of you are familiar with my work; I am moving from designing collections to creating items; the internet is a wonderful thing. Which is to say, you don’t need to travel to see what I’m making. My latest pieces are on this website . I can send you pick boxes, I can send you catalogs and swatches. We can do a mini trunk show together, even if you don’t have an order pending. It worked very well last year with many of you and it will work again. Just let me know what you need.

For Fall 2009 we are continuing with our Retrospective theme, bringing back our most popular colorways from past Fall collections, and using them with new and old fabrics and styles. While you’re visiting us here, check your listing on the locations page for accuracy. If you have received merchandise in the last 15 months, your store should be listed. Let me know if I need to make any changes or additions. We are improving and updating this site daily. Many stores have told us this has brought them a number of new customers.

WEB SITE We continue to make changes and expand the information and images available on our web site. If you are a shopper you can go to our list of stores to find one in your area where you can purchase FarleyFarley pieces. Those with web sites can often accomodate online orders. For shops, you can feel free to send customers to the designline pages. Prices are not on the web site.

Soon we will have a direct shopping website with a limited selection of farleyfarley apparel as well as some of the other art, jewelry, and housewares that I am creating. Stay tuned....

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We have not scheduled any shows in the near future.

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The FARLEYFARLEY line of fine clothing is available for purchase in FINE RETAIL STORES and shops across the country and in Canada.

Patricia travels to New York City frequently, visiting suppliers and showing her collections at the ATELIER show (open to the trade only)
twice a year. She is accompanied by the other Farley, her husband Dave.

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