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As Seen in the Movies....

Ruby Dee (with Alicia Keyes) in an episode of Iconoclasts, wearing a farleyfarley linen Downtown Shirt in "meadow" batik.

Julie Walters (with Meryl Streep & Christine Baranski) in Mamma Mia wearing a farleyfarley linen-silk Shopping Shirt in "sunshine" shibori.

It's always fun to find our own work in films or tv or print. Doesn't happen often, but when it does, there's usually someone to alert you. My friend Rae called me up on Christmas Eve of 2007, excited that she had seen the actress Ruby Dee wearing one of my shirts on the show Iconoclasts. And then this past December, Matt from Bellagio, said he thought he'd seen one of the characters in the film of Mamma Mia wearing one of my shirts. That was enough for me to go out and buy the DVD. In the first 20 minutes of the film, the character Rosie wears one of my shibori shirts, later wears it wrapped around her waist. It took me awhile to confirm that it was one of my shopping shirts, the unique longer front. So now we can say, as featured in.....


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This is so cool. You are famously famous. Now I will have to keep my eyes open for farleyfarley wear.

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