Patricia has been happily making art wear in her studio for over twenty years.  A largely self-taught artist, she has been creating with her hands for as long as she remembers. She grew up in Michigan and graduated from Goucher College in Baltimore, studying English and Art History. She worked in publishing, retailing and social work before following her passion for textiles.  Patricia learned weaving from Rose Bank at the Center for the Arts in Pittsburgh, and after thirteen years creating woven garments, she made the transition to surface design. Her work with color and pattern became more spontaneous and direct. Her garment designs became more personal ten years ago when she designed the shirt she always wanted to wear. The
FARLEYFARLEY label was born.

CLICK HERE to see how Patricia paints a piece of batiked fabric.

That Great Shirt is still a part of her line of colorful linen, cotton and silk clothing. To it she has added such pieces as the Tranquility Shirt, Earth Shirt, Shopping Shirt and her most recent, Picture Shirt.

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